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Maria G. Lozano

Reclaiming your emotional wellness 

Do you ever feel disconnected mentally, physically or emotionally-from yourself and/or others in your life? Are you on a journey of reclaiming your self-care and experiencing life altering transitions? Interested in feeling supported as you navigate the fields to reconnecting to your reflection?

We all expereince milestones and challenges, finding our way through transitions. Some say "finding the light at the end of a tunnel". Though, I believe that we don't have to wait until the prevorbial tunnel to find the light within ourselves to reach our goals, desitination, vision, manifestations... As womb carriers, creatrix of life and beauty (the physical and the creative, and the in-between of life and death) we deserve to reclaim our healing, light, and to empower our prescense. 
I help mothers, mujeres, mijas, and amigas navigate through the ocean of emotions while traversing the transtions that greet us along the way. In my role as a postpartum care provider/doula and mental health advocate I am accompanied by the tools and medicines of herbs, mindfulness & yoga, and the magic found in palabras to support you as you reclaim your voice, sensations, and fullest self. We will  work together to optimize healing and reconnection to yourself; yoga and mindfulness can help strengthen your internal dialog, herbs and natural remedies can further support your emotional and nutritional supports.

It would be an honor to support you from conception of your new journey throughout the milestones of your postpartum experience.


"It is always infinitely better for human beings to suffer the pain of finding out who they really are because the rewards and freedoms always outweigh the pain they have to undergo to get there."

Elena Avila, RN, MSW


A Bit About Me

I am Maria Guadalupe Lozano, Medicinas Lupita is derived from the family name I’ve identified by, (Lupita) the name that ensured safety and love. As a mental health advocate, and postpartum care guide I help mothers and new parents navigate the life transitions they experience to reclaim their power, identity, and wellness.

I am the "homegirl curandera" having been raised amongst the lemon trees and the big pirul tree that held up the pillars of joy. 

I am manifesting rest; luxurious, sweet rest. Free of guilt. & shame, reclaiming space and time for emotional, mental, and physical wellness.  

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Services I Offer

We will discover and reconnect to your breath, mind, and spirit to ground into new life transitions.


Herbal Consultations

Herbs and plants have historically and scientifically proven their important role in supporting our healing journeys. We can talk about what blends can help soothe, support, and strengthen you on your journey.


 Speaking Engagements 

Expanding the knowledge share of self-care, Perinatal mental health, and mindfulness for service sector community providers, national organizations, grassroots/community collectives, and academic spaces.


Post Partum Care Support

Support, education, and community are key after a birthing body has experienced life and grief, and the growing in-between.


IG: @medicinaslupita

Moorpark, CA

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